Nutrition Facts

Pitahaya fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. Fresh fruit is commonly used to help with digestion and constipation.



Yellow Dragon Fruit / Pitahaya

Pitahaya is an exotic fruit of a cactus family. It is native to South America. The scientific name is Hylocereus Megalanthus.

Yellow Dragon Fruit is oval in shape and has thorns. The thorns get removed from the fruits before each harvest. Pitahaya is green in color at first and yellow when it’s ripe. It weighs on average 0.35kg (0.8lbs). Yellow pitahaya fruit has a very sweet taste, unlike its other varieties.


Other varieties of dragon fruit can be pink or red with white, pink or red flesh. They are usually a bit larger in size than the yellow variety and have no thorns. The taste, however, cannot compete with the yellow Pitahaya. No other variety gest as sweet as yellow pitahaya from Palora.